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Welcome to Ongeri Expeditions

Welcome to Ongeri Expeditions, where luxury intertwines with the untamed beauty of Africa, crafting bespoke journeys that transcend the ordinary and redefine opulence in travel.

Nestled amidst the heart of Kenya's wilderness, Ongeri Expeditions is not merely a travel company; it's a curator of extraordinary moments, meticulously tailored to fulfill your deepest wanderlust desires.

Ongeri Expeditions epitomizes sophistication and exclusivity in every facet of your safari experience. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we orchestrate unparalleled adventures that immerse you in the essence of Africa's untamed wilderness, while cocooning you in indulgent comfort.

As a Kenyan-owned and managed enterprise, our roots run deep into the fabric of this majestic land, offering an insider's perspective that transcends the ordinary. Guided by a team of seasoned experts, our Kenyan safari guides are not just masters of the wilderness; they are custodians of its secrets, weaving narratives of adventure and discovery with every stride.

At Ongeri Expeditions, we understand that true luxury lies in the art of personalization. Our safaris are meticulously crafted to reflect your unique preferences and aspirations, ensuring that every moment resonates with unparalleled authenticity and refinement.

Step into a world where every detail is curated to perfection, where the rhythm of the savannah echoes in harmony with your heartbeat, and where the allure of Africa beckons you to embark on a journey of a lifetime. Welcome to Ongeri Expeditions – where luxury knows no bounds, and adventure awaits at every turn.

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The Ongeri Expeditions Team stands as a distinguished ensemble of safari planners revered for their meticulous attention to detail and passion for creating unparalleled safari adventures across East Africa. At the helm of this esteemed group are seasoned wildlife aficionados and conservation advocates, whose collective expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence set the standard in the industry.

Each member of the Ongeri Expeditions Team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, acquired through years of exploring the vast and enchanting landscapes of East Africa. Their deep understanding of the region's ecosystems, wildlife behavior, and cultural nuances allows them to curate bespoke itineraries tailored to the preferences and interests of their discerning clientele.

What sets the Ongeri Expeditions Team apart is their unwavering dedication to conservation and responsible tourism practices. They prioritize sustainability in every aspect of their operations, striving to minimize the environmental impact of their journeys while actively contributing to the preservation of East Africa's natural heritage.

From the sweeping savannahs of the Serengeti to the lush rainforests of Uganda, the Ongeri Expeditions Team orchestrates immersive safari experiences that leave a lasting impression on travelers. Whether tracking majestic herds of elephants, encountering rare mountain gorillas, or immersing oneself in the vibrant cultures of local communities, every moment spent with the Ongeri Expeditions Team is infused with authenticity and wonder.

With a reputation built on integrity, expertise, and a genuine love for the wild, the Ongeri Expeditions Team continues to redefine the art of safari planning, offering discerning travelers the opportunity to embark on extraordinary adventures that transcend the ordinary and leave a profound impact on both heart and soul.


Abner reigns supreme in the realm of ultra-luxury safaris, boasting unparalleled expertise in curating opulent experiences. With a focus on families, couples, and honeymooners, he ensures every aspect of your journey is executed to perfection. From lavish accommodations to bespoke activities tailored to your preferences, Abner leaves no stone unturned in providing an unforgettable safari adventure. Rest assured that entrusting your safari plans to Abner ensures an unmatched level of luxury and satisfaction.


Renowned for her meticulous attention to detail, Musangi is known for her exceptional ability to craft seamless experiences, tailoring them specifically for honeymooners, families, and couples. Her dedication to perfection ensures impeccable planning and unforgettable moments. Whether you're longing for a tranquil beach getaway or an adventurous exploration of nature with your loved ones, Musangi's expertise guarantees a tailored journey that exceeds expectations. Count on Musangi's unwavering dedication to excellence to bring your safari aspirations to life.


Alex stands out as a bush safari specialist, excelling particularly in organizing group bookings, catering to families, orchestrating unforgettable photography safaris, and ensuring solo travelers have an enriching experience. With a profound understanding of the wilderness and a keen eye for detail, Alex crafts journeys that captivate and inspire. Whether you're seeking an adventure with loved ones, a chance to capture stunning wildlife moments through your lens, or a solitary exploration of nature's wonders, Alex's expertise guarantees a safari experience tailored to your desires. Embrace the opportunity to embark on a transformative journey, where every moment is filled with awe and discovery, under Alex's expert guidance.


Cazeah is an expert safari planner renowned for crafting unparalleled bush and beach vacations. With a specialization in curating experiences for honeymooners, families, couples, and safaris tied to special occasions, she possesses a unique knack for tailoring each journey to perfection. Whether you're envisioning a romantic getaway under the African sky, a thrilling family adventure amidst breathtaking landscapes, or a celebration of life's milestones in the heart of the wilderness, Cazeah's expertise ensures an unforgettable experience beyond compare. Trust her seasoned guidance to transform your dreams into reality, leaving you with cherished memories to last a lifetime.


Emmanuel is a seasoned expert in bush safaris and beach vacations. With a focus on both solo adventurers and couples, Emmanuel tailors’ unforgettable experiences to match your exact preferences. Whether embarking on a personal journey of exploration or a romantic escape with your loved one, Emmanuel’s mastery ensures an exceptional safari adventure. Anticipate an experiential journey filled with remarkable encounters and inspiring landscapes in Emmanuel's capable hands.


Meet Zippy, your go-to safari planner for the ultimate bush and beach vacations. With a knack for crafting unforgettable experiences, Zippy specializes in tailoring adventures for honeymooners, families, couples, and solo travelers alike. With her creative flair and attention to detail, she transforms ordinary trips into extraordinary adventures. Embrace the thrill of exploring new horizons with Zippy as your guide. Count on her to craft memories that will linger long after your safari adventure, leaving you eagerly anticipating your next journey.


Introducing Kevin, your visionary safari planner specializing in bush safaris. Kevin ventures beyond the expected to create remarkable adventures tailored for both families and solo travelers. Whether you're seeking a thrilling family adventure or a soul-stirring solo journey, Kevin tailors each experience to exceed your expectations. His innovative approach transforms traditional safaris into dynamic explorations, where every moment is filled with wonder and discovery.


Meet Martin, the lead tour guide par excellence at Ongeri Expeditions, with an impressive track record of over 15 years in the industry. Martin's reputation is built upon his extensive knowledge and unwavering professionalism. Beyond simply leading tours, Martin's expertise encompasses a profound understanding of local wildlife, ecosystems, and conservation efforts. His commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of his work, prioritizing the safety and satisfaction of each guest. With Martin leading the way, you can embark on your expedition with unwavering confidence, knowing you're guided by an expert dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience.

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Figure out what you want, put a plan together to achieve it, understand the cost, believe in yourself then go and get it!


From our first enquiry to receiving a lovely email once Home, Abner and Ongeri were fantastic, from finding our camp, organising the most amazing balloon Safari, and being just the other end of a WhatsApp with answers to any questions we had, you have helped us make memories we will never forget.

Dylan J

I found Ongeri through a YouTube video and have had the most pleasant and wonderful time interacting with them. From getting a quote to having an amazing trip in Kenya, they have been very helpful. I was dealing specifically with Cazeah from the organization. She was responsive and made suggestions that suited our liking.


Ongeri Expeditions organised for our family of 4 from London a bespoke safari trip to the Masai Mara. From the very beginning they were extremely attentive, flexible and able to accommodate everything we wanted.


Thank you Abner for planning a life-changing safari vacation! I highly recommend Ongeri Expeditions to anyone looking to book a safari or vacation in Kenya. Abner was there for me right from the start all the way until we got back home.

Diane J

It was my first time to book with Ongeri expeditions and i received a beautiful service from Abner since day One we planned for this trip to Amboseli National park . I got a chance to Learn and see different types of giraffes and birds cause i only knew limited types.

Grace k

Well planned trip to Amboseli on 26 March 2021.Organized and amazing experience had with Ongeri Expeditions .The best to book for excursions with.

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